Brazilian, Non-Brasileiro

The inhabitant recommended for the natives of Brazil is Brazilian, of majority use in the whole Hispanic area, although it alternates in some countries of America with Brazilian, also valid adaptation of the Portuguese Brazilian voice, as the dictionary notes Pan-Hispanic of doubts.

In the media it is common to find phrases such as “the Brazilian striker Araujo bequeathed to the Spanish club coming from the Cruzeiro” or “The Carioca team travels to Chicago to prepare the World Cup”, in which it would have been preferable to write Brazil or, in All cases, Brazilian.

If you choose to use the Portuguese Brazilian form, the appropriate thing is to write it in italics or in quotation marks because it is a crude extranjerismo.

It is also remembered that the word carious refers specifically to the inhabitants of the city of Rio de Janeiro, so it is advisable to avoid its use as a synonym for Brazilian.

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